Texas Radiotherapy

Other Cancers


At Texas Radiotherapy, we have extensive experience treating many other cancer types as well, including:

  • Bone / Spine – Primary and Metastatic
  • Gynecologic – Cervix, Uterine, Vaginal and Vulvar.​
  • GU – Kidney and Bladder​
  • Colorectal – Primary and Metastatic​
  • Pancreas – Primary and Metastatic, including use of SBRT / SABR for unresected cases or to boost sites of residual disease (positive margin) after surgery.​
  • Liver – Primary and Metastatic. Dr. Cavey has extensive experience in working with the Liver Transplant surgeons in Dallas and Fort Worth utilizing SBRT / SABR as a “bridge to transplantation” for many patients.​
  • Sarcomas including complex retroperitoneal cases.​
  • Skin​
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