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Texas Radiotherapy provides patient-centered, individualized care, and we treat each patient like family. Dr. Cavey is highly trained in radiation oncology, and our experienced team offers expert care in prostate cancer, breast cancer, and other cancers that have an increased cure rate with radiation treatment. We are here to talk to you.

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If you’ve received a diagnosis of cancer, finding an expert team that treats you with respect, care, and detailed follow-up is important. You will want to locate the most advanced and proven treatment options available to you. Texas Radiotherapy is a leader in radiation oncology in North Texas and utilizes some of the most advanced radiation therapies available in the world today. Our advanced radiation therapy includes: 

We provide patient-centered care and work with our patients to determine which therapies are best for their unique situation. Communicating with your physician is an important part of the treatment journey, and our patients have direct access to Dr. Cavey and the clinical team. 

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If you're dealing with a high PSA number, this video will introduce you to some of our prostate cancer patients and survivors.
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This video introduces you to both breast and prostate cancer patients that Dr. Cavey has treated.

Our Team is Your Team

We are experts in the field of radiation oncology. We pride ourselves on experience and knowledge. Our team members are advocates for our patients – like family.

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Cancers We Treat

Brain Cancer Icon


Radiation therapy plays an important role in treating brain tumors with advanced types of radiotherapies like IMRT or SRS.

breast cancer ribbon icon


Texas Radiotherapy’s breast cancer treatment delivers precise radiation to tumors while protecting nearby healthy organs and tissues.

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Head & Neck

Texas Radiotherapy’s head and neck tumor expertise and superior technology provide patients with a higher standard of care.   
Cancers we treat icon (lung)


Texas Radiotherapy can overcome lung cancer treatment obstacles with our technology resulting in more precise and effective treatment.
Cancers we treat icon (prostate)


Texas Radiotherapy has a wealth of experience treating prostate cancer including MR guided brachytherapy, IMRT, and SBRT.
Cancers we treat icon (other)


Texas Radiotherapy treats many additional cancer types including bone and spine, gynecologic, GU, liver, pancreas, and skin.
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Radiotherapy Options

Not all treatment types provide the same cure rates for certain kinds of cancer. It is important for patients to understand the differences.

Advanced Technology

At Texas Radiotherapy, we deliver excellent quality of care through our clinical expertise and utilizing some of the most advanced technologies available for cancer treatment today.

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For Patients

At Texas Radiotherapy, we strive to make patients and their loved ones as comfortable and positive as possible during their treatment. Through the care of a compassionate physician and staff, we ensure our patients have the courage, knowledge, and hope to face their treatment journey with us.

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