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Meet the Team: Our Therapists

Therapists, Linda and Nicole, are part of our expert team here at Texas Radiotherapy. They are part of the department that delivers precise radiation treatments to the patients.  Our Radiation Therapists are involved with the patients from preparing to start the treatment throughout their entire journey of treatments.

Get to know more about Linda and Nicole:

Why did you choose to go into radiation therapy?

I was familiar with the field of Radiation Therapy because I had a family member that was a radiation therapist.  Then cancer hit home for me when I had family very close to me diagnosed with lung cancer.  Due to personal beliefs and no one making an effort to accommodate her needs she decided against radiation therapy.  I wanted to become a radiation therapist so I could help to accommodate patients who have specific needs with their care.  I love that our team here at Texas Radiotherapy respects each patient as an individual with their own set of needs.  Everyone is special and deserves to be treated that way. 

I wanted to help patients and get to know them on their treatment journey. I knew I could make
an impact in their lives by working in radiation therapy. I often have patients just stop by and say hello – even after their treatments have ended, and I love seeing people in follow ups.


Why did you choose Texas Radiotherapy?

I previously worked with Dr. Cavey, and when he left to open Texas Radiotherapy, he invited me to come with him. It was an easy choice! He’s a very good doctor and is always looking out for the well-being of his patients. That is special and something I’ve always valued.

I worked with a few people on the team previously. They reached out and
asked me if I wanted to join them at Texas Radiotherapy. I quickly said yes because it’s a team-oriented place and always centered on patients’ successes.

Comments: During the interview Linda interjected: “Nicole is in high-demand, and I am so glad that we got her here”.  It is clear to see that Dr. Cavey’s team is very connected in their desire for the best in patient care.


What do you like to do in your free time?

We have a lot of school activities we attend. My daughter is in cheer, but we also go to ball
games and other competitions. When it’s time to relax, I love going to hang out at the lake.

When I have a break, I love to travel. The lake and any beach are my favorite places to escape to.

What are your best memories from work?

While I was in therapy school, my grandmother had breast cancer. When she would call me, I could be there for her and be her person with all the little things she needed. It made me feel great to help someone I loved so much.

It’s tough to pick because there are so many to choose from. The day-to-day interactions with our patients and their families are what remind me everything we put into our work is worth it.  There’s laughter, tears and everything in between. You really build a relationship with patients and stay in touch with them after treatment.